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Memo To CNN's War Channel: If Japan Gets Its Own Nuclear Deterrent, What's It Going To Bomb-----Pearl Harbor?!

I was struck by something Donald Trump said on CNN this [Sunday] morning: “Until I got involved in this most people didn’t know we were defending Japan and Germany." Of course they didn’t, and don’t – they’re too busy paying their mortgages, raising their children, and living their lives. They don’t have the time or […]

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Memorial Day And The Abolition Of Historical Memory

This article originally appeared on Memorial Day 2012 We might as well get rid of Memorial Day, for all the good it does us. Originally “Decoration Day,” the last Monday in May has been the designated time for us to remember the war dead and honor their sacrifice – while, perhaps, taking in the lessons […]

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Flyover Country Awakens------Why The Washington War Party Is On The Run

Poor Eliot Cohen: one of the principal architects of the Iraq war, and chief ideologue of Bushism in foreign policy – remember the “freedom agenda”? – he’s miffed that “This campaign shows that the foreign policy consensus that has framed this country’s work overseas since 1950 is in peril.” His ire is directed at Donald […]

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Justin Raimondo: Why I Didn’t Vote for Trump

I’ve written a lot about Donald Trump in this space, basically arguing that his views signify a sea change in the foreign policy discourse in this country. His rise, I’ve averred, augurs the end of the neoconservatives as a viable political force within the GOP, and the beginning of an “isolationist” (i.e. anti-interventionist) trend in […]

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Hillary Clinton’s Legacy of Terror--------Kosovo Is A Mafia State And Jihadi Haven

Kosovo is Clinton Country: a 10-foot-high statue of Bill overlooks “Bill Clinton Boulevard” in the capital city of Pristina. Hillary is also memorialized in what has become the crime capital of Europe: right off the street named for her husband is a store named “Hillary,” featuring women’s clothing modeled after the putative Democratic party nominee […]

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Political Polarity Shift-------"Trigger Happy Hillary" Making Dems The War Party

As Bob Dylan put it, “the times they are a changing!” – and that is certainly the case when it comes to the debate over US foreign policy this election season. A recent article in the Boston Globe, summarizing the observations of a group of Brown University students who tracked the foreign policy discourse of […]

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Crooked Hillary and the Rape of Honduras

Tens of thousands of Central Americans, many of them unaccompanied children and teenagers, have flooded into the US illegally in recent years: they are a growing part of a human tsunami that has hit the southern border and caused what many refer to as a humanitarian crisis, overwhelming the local and federal authorities – and […]

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A Campaign Of Blatant, Self-Serving Lies--------The U.S. Army's Propaganda War On Russia And For Bigger Budgets

In early April, a battalion of senior military officials appeared before a Senate panel and testified that the US Army is “outranged and outgunned,” particularly in any future conflict with Russia. Arguing for a much bigger budget for the Army, they claimed that, absent a substantial increase in funding, the Russians would overtake us and, […]

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The Mainstream/Neocon Complex Has Been So Wrong-----Does Being Right Count Anymore?

How do we account for the fact that the pundits and media outlets who have been wrong about everything are still considered reliably “mainstream” – and still get to determine the parameters of allowable debate? Let’s take the most egregious case imaginable – Bill Kristol. Here is someone who has been wrong about absolutely everything […]

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Sorting Out A Libertarian View--------Nationalism, Patriotism, Globalism, Empire

I was struck by a tweet from libertarian Republican congressman Justin Amash, who has become the “new Ron Paul” now that the three-time presidential candidate and libertarian icon has taken a well-deserved rest from politics. The other day he tweeted: “Patriotism & nationalism are profoundly different. Patriotism is love of country. FA Hayek called nationalism […]

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