Crony Socialism

Recently: David Stockman on Mitt, Newt and CronyCapitalism

Author and former OMB director David Stockman sits down with the Daily Ticker to explain Obama’s latest election year scheme to give re-fi’s to select underwater mortgage holders. It’s nothing but another bailout for JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, and other big underwriters of 2nd mortgages and home equity loans, since ultimately these ‘homeowners’ are going to default. This is where 40 years of government meddling in the housing market has gotten us. This scam is all about wealth redistribution and is the worst kind of crony socialism, says Stockman. (6:31)

Former Congressman David A. Stockman was Reagan’s OMB director, which he wrote about in his best-selling book, The Triumph of Politics. He was an original partner in the Blackstone Group, and reads LRC the first thing every morning.

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