The Crony Capitalist Roots Of The 1930s Crusade Against Reefer And Hemp---Nylon!

By Anthony Wile At The Daily Bell

As I sit at 40,000 feet en route to Denver, Colorado for three days of meetings on behalf of Vida Cannabis and another potential High Alert investment opportunity, I cannot help but feel amazed that the purpose of my business life's focus has shifted from gold, silver and other more traditional industries to, well... marijuana.

Indeed, the marijuana meme is in full swing and unlikely to change course from its current "legalization" trajectory any time soon. In fact, I would argue the world is decriminalizing and legalizing in various degrees in what can only be regarded as a coordinated global movement.

All one needs to do is look at the powerful forces behind the various pro-marijuana legalization think tanks and you'll find the hands of powerful internationalists, such as legendary investor George Soros and other billionaire playboys like Sir Richard Branson. But they are far from alone. The list is long and the liberal media is, much like their political offspring, fully onside.

The conservative leadership and their mouthpiece mainstream media outlets are begrudgingly stepping alongside the pro-marijuana march, although playing out their end of a well orchestrated dialectic that continuously moves the center closer and closer to eventual legalization. After all, incremental movement is much easier to justify than an overnight wholesale shift in policy.

For far too long the US-led and UN-sanctioned charade known as the "War on Drugs" has been living off an existence founded in utter lies and deceit not unlike the Federal Reserve and the phony money policies that anchor its very existence.

Since the start of cannabis prohibition in the United States in 1937, millions of years of collective time has been spent in prison by otherwise productive human beings – people no different than you and me – who chose for whatever reason to consume a plant. In some cases death has been the penalty meted out for their choice.

Self-interest governs most policy related issues and the self-interest I am speaking is called mercantilism. The "chosen" families of this world – otherwise known as the power elite – control mainstream media, both sides of the political aisle and, most importantly, central banks and the entire money distribution network of commercial and investment banks.

When the elite decide it's in their favor to issue propaganda and use their media influence to affect public opinion with a goal to enact legislation... well, it is easily done, to say the least.

Back in 1933 when the war against alcohol had ended, the FBI needed something else to attack. Enormous amounts of financial and human resources went into the fight to eliminate alcohol from society.

Of course, it didn't work and only ended up enriching powerful families even further. Those same families are still today reaping the benefits of alcohol prohibition. The point is, governments needed something else to attack and anti-cannabis propaganda couldn't have come along at a better time.

The Hearsts, DuPonts and Rockefellers all conspired to eliminate marijuana, and by extension hemp, from America's soil and, with the help of the always willing United Nations, from the rest of the planet as well.

Why would they want this? Well, for Hearst, to be in the leadership position of disseminating news to the public what better way to drive up circulation than with a newly fomented "sin war"? But perhaps it was his sizeable ownership in DuPont that had more to do with it, especially considering DuPont had just released its life-changing new petrochemical clothing agents, nylon, Kevlar and others, into the general market. Hemp was a serious threat to the energy sapping and environmentally unfriendly new DuPont products. Hemp needed to be eliminated and by extension that meant marijuana was to be the scapegoat.

But why would Rockefeller care? Could be because Mellon Bank was DuPont's bank and DuPont was the second largest account on its books. Wouldn't it have been swell if DuPont needed to borrow more and more capital from Mellon to expand its burgeoning new petrochemical clothing industry? The answer is surely yes.

The collusion was made whole by Anslinger, head of the newly created Federal Bureau of Narcotics, who personally oversaw the propaganda machine that bombarded Americans with false and misleading information about the real history of marijuana and hemp. The effort has been an enormous success for the powers that be, no doubt about it.

But there have been costs, as well. Millions of people's lives have been destroyed. Billions of dollars of taxpayer money has gone into propping up this phony drug war. So once again, I ask, why now ... why now is this all changing and for whose benefit?

As I mentioned above, there are some very visible hands involved. George Soros, for example, is a major shareholder of Monsanto. And Monsanto is busily engineering strains of cannabis seeds and is a worldwide enterprise that certainly has enormous influence over policy makers.

But the primary reason may have more to do in this case with the Internet itself. See, prior to the early 2000s support for decriminalization or legalization of marijuana was fairly stagnant. However, since that time, as the growth of Internet users has skyrocketed so too has the support to end marijuana's prohibition.

The process is something we refer to by the phrase we coined, the Internet Reformation. And it is affecting many areas of our lives. It is the reason why gold and silver – traditional money metals – have shot up in terms of purchasing power against a flailing fiat money system. The same dynamics are at play here as well. Lies and deceit are much more difficult to spread and maintain in an era of transparency and an ever conversant society.

The move towards legalization of marijuana is apace, no doubt about it. I am not sure when I land in Colorado whether the folks hanging out in dispensaries understand much of what has transpired historically, or what is happening now in terms of the drivers of change that are affecting the cannabis industry. I am not sure they care. Heck, I am not sure I'll care a couple of hours after landing. Perhaps I will, only to forget.

One thing I won't forget is to tell you that in this month's issue of the High Alert Trends & Sector Report I will be discussing High Alert's favored way to profit from the rising "legal" global marijuana industry, Vida Cannabis Corp. Much, and I do mean MUCH, has been happening with that company and I look forward to updating you.....

Published by The Daily Bell 

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