There Are 3.3 Million More Leisure/Hospitality Workers Than Manufacturing Workers

Yesterday, I wrote about the sad state of high-paying manufacturing employment where government employees now outnumber manufacturing employees by almost 100 million. With a ratio of 1.8 government workers to every manufacturing worker.

But where did all those manufacturing workers go? Apparently, some of the manufacturing jobs have gone to the leisure and hospitality industry so that lower-paying leisure and hospitality jobs now outnumber manufacturing jobs. In fact, there are 3.3 million more leisure and hospitality workers than manufacturing workers.


And the food services and drinking places (bartenders) employment is almost the same number of manufacturing jobs.  And the number of government workers (22.213 million) is considerably larger than the number of food service and drinking place employees (11.384 million); that is, there are almost twice as many government workers compared to food service workers and bartenders.

So, the reality of the shifting from manufacturing to a service economy (as we ship manufacturing jobs overseas because of relatively expensive US labor, onerous environmental regulations and a perverse tax code) has resulted in booming low paying service jobs and a large pool of government workers.

I wonder if the customers at this bar are manufacturing or government employees? Probably charging their drinks to their credit cards thanks to slow wage growth.

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