Chain Store Sales Collapse Following Already Disappointing Black Friday

By Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge

Just as we warned, based on credit card data, this holiday spending period is a disaster. Following disappointing sales over the Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend, there has been absolutely no follow-through momentum as is usually seen. Chain Store same-store-sales crashed 6.3% week-over-week...


This should not be a surprise with a mere 1.7% YoY gain that fits with credit card data...

bofa card data_0 (1)

As Stone McCarthy details,

The Retail Economist-Goldman Sachs Chain Store Sales Index was down 6.3% week-over-week for the period ending December 5.

It appears that shoppers were sated after the hefty promotions offered in the prior week associated with Black Friday. There may also have been a drop off in brick-and-motor shopping activity while many on-line retailers were offering deals for Cyber Monday.

Source: Chain Store Sales Collapse Following Already Disappointing Black Friday

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