Why The Impending China Trade Deal Will Blow Sky-High, Part 2

Now that the Fed has totally capitulated to the Wall Street day traders and gamblers, the next catalyst in rotation is supposed to be the China Trade Deal. The latter will purportedly usher in the “all clear” for another run at Peak Trump (2940 on the S&P 500).


Today's Contrarian Reads

The Warfare State Uber Alles—Even Bloomberg Is Hosting Pentagon Shills

Brands is a senior fellow at an organization funded almost entirely by those with a clear interest in the upcoming $750 billion defense budget Brands is pushing for. While we don’t have a tax filings for CSBA since Brand was hired there, and thus we do not know his specific income, the average senior fellow […]

The Fed’s Real Unintended Consequence Problem

The real issue now facing the Federal Reserve is not only may they have just crushed any remaining credibility with their complete and utter reversal of monetary policy going forward. But, they may have done it leaving one of the most unpleasant aftertaste they’ve ever considered.             https://markstcyr.com/2019/03/21/the-feds-real-unintended-consequence-problem/  

Censorship Tightens As Governments Lose Control—Now They Come For Your Mother

Everyday I wake up to another instance of outrageous censorship from some ‘social media’ company blocking or banning someone for no apparent reason. The latest outrage is Twitter banning the account of Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange’s mother, Christine.             https://tomluongo.me/2019/03/20/censorship-government-control-christchurch/

The Fed’s New Balance Sheet Plan: The Ins And Outs Of Keeping $3.5 Trillion Of Public Debt Monetized

The Fed has a new plan for what to do with its balance sheet and today announced several major components of it:             https://wolfstreet.com/2019/03/20/feds-new-balance-sheet-plan-get-rid-of-mbs/  

Why A Dovish Fed Is Not At All Bullish

About that “dovish” Fed FOMC statement yesterday, everything is relative. Dovish is not the same as bullish.           http://wallstreetexaminer.com/2019/03/fed-fomc-statement-dovish-not-bullish/      

The Fed’s Clown Car Farce Is Now Complete

In the aftermath of the Fed’s second consecutive dovish capitulation, which while framed as a response to the slowing economy (a slowdown which the Fed completely missed as recently as December when 9 FOMC officials expected 1 or more rate hikes and now expect 0) but was really meant to support assets, many have taken […]

South Korean Chip Exports Collapse 25%: Worst Since 2009—But Probably Nothin’!

Shipments to China slid 12.6% while overall sales of semiconductors, a key driver of Korea’s economy, decreased by 25& – the biggest YoY decline since March 2009…                     https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-20/south-korean-chip-exports-collapse-25-worst-2009

Ready Or Not: Here Comes Mueller’s Airball—He Didn’t Even Investigate Alleged DNC “Hack”

The special counsel’s office did not undertake a credible investigation of the two core charges related to the 2016 elections—that Russian intelligence hacked Democratic National Committee email servers while colluding with Donald Trump as he sought the presidency. Mueller failed to call numerous key witnesses, and failed to pursue alternative theories, a duty of any […]

Pssst! Just A Bear Market Rally (Buy Gold, Sell Stocks, Crisis Coming)

One of last year’s best-performing hedge funds says the “trade of the century” is to buy gold and sell stocks as risk assets are due for another meltdown.           https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-19/top-hedge-fund-says-buy-gold-sell-stocks-in-trade-of-century

The Free Market Case For Hard Brexit

In conclusion the effect of a “hard Brexit” on Britain itself should be overwhelmingly positive, especially if Britain does in fact remove all tariffs and conclude free trade pacts with the rest of the world fairly quickly. …….Britain could lead the way in showing the world the benefits of unilateral free trade, just as it […]