Hey, Bulls, Not So Fast! China Vows To Fight Trade War "To The End"

It's the weekend, which means the trade war between the US and China moved to the front page of the local propaganda media (in both the US and China). And while Trump has yet to slam Beijing, focusing this morning on the all time high in the market instead, China has been busy and in an editorial in the state-run People's Daily, Beijing has warned that China has "the strength and patience to withstand the trade war, and will fight to the end if the U.S. administration persists."

Echoing what China's notorious twitter mouthpiece Hu Xijin said yesterday, the editorial said that just days ahead of the much anticipated G-20 summit in Osaka where Trump and Xi are set to meet, "the U.S. must drop all tariffs imposed on China if it wants to negotiate on trade, and only an equal dialogue can resolve the issue and lead to a win-win", according to Bloomberg.














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