Obama Gets Back To Work.....At The Celtic Manor Resort: But Just Lose The NATO Part!

Better that our President work on the greens and skip the NATO meetings. Its an anachronism anyway, and should have been abolished 25-years ago when the cold war ended and its reason for being vanished.

Would that back then Bush "41" had parachuted into Ramstein Air Base in southern Germany and declared "mission accomplished"! The American taxpayers would have been spared billions in the sheer waste of maintaining NATO, and the world would have been spared the bombast of armchair war mongers like NATO Secretary General  Anders Fogh Rasmussen. By the way, he's the guy with an unwavering capacity to make "Baghdad Bob" look good, having assured the world back in 2003 that

“Iraq has WMDs. It is not something we think, it is something we know.”

When the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact vassal regimes vanished into the mortuary of history, NATO had 16 member states in a mutual defense alliance that had arguably enhanced the safety and security of citizens in Lincoln NE and Spokane WA.  Now it has 28 members including the likes of Albania, Bulgaria,  Croatia, Estonia, Slovenia and Slovakia---micro-states that are mainly insolvent and have no bearing whatsoever on national security.

Worse, it was Washington's double-cross of Russia that set the stage for the present clash over Ukraine.  The elder Bush who did not use his parachute in Germany did promise Gorbachev in 1989 that in return for vacating the eastern regions of that nation that NATO would not be expanded "by a single inch".

Fast forward to February 2014 and his successor not only permitted the US foreign policy and CIA apparatus to fund and orchestrate the overthrow of the democratically elected government in Kiev, but did so with the implicit condition that the resulting junta would "pivot" to the west and eventually join NATO. Yes, while Putin was sitting in his box taking bows at Sochi NATO came knocking on his back door.

Prior to February 21, 2014 there was not a peep out of Washington about Putin's designs on Ukraine, rebellion of Russian speakers in the eastern Donbas region or an "invasion" of Russian forces.  None of this even entered the narrative until an unelected and radical nationalist junta in Kiev brought the threat of ethnic cleansing, and then launched a brutal campaign of aerial and artillery bombardment on its own citizens in the eastern regions.

So the threat to peace originated in Washington and NATO, not the Kremlin. Would that Bush "41" had taken the jump when he made the pledge. Obama would then have been free to do all day what he does best, as explained by Zero Hedge below:

From Zero Hedge

As is well-known, tomorrow, September 4, a NATO summit begins in Wales to discuss and coordinate the western response to ongoing "Russian intervention" in Ukraine (not to be confused by US intervention in Ukraine meant to remove an standing, democratically-elected president), a summit for which Barack Obama has demonstrated impressive enthusiasm following his blitz tour of Europe, a continent reeling on the edge of a recessionary abyss courtesy of the "costs" Obama has imposed on Germany Russia in the aftermath of the Victoria Nuland-instituted local Kiev government.  

Perhaps it has something to do with this...

That's right: the NATO summit is set to take place at the magnificent Celtic Manor Resort, the location of the 2010 Ryder Cup.

But not only that: courtesy of an unprecedented security presence, it means that Obama will have no problem sneaking in at least 4 games for the two-day duration of the summit.

From AFP:

A huge security operation involving 9,000 British police officers will secure a luxury Welsh golf resort hosting a NATO summit later this week, officials said Tuesday.

Officers deployed across the golf course at the Celtic Manor Resort, in Newport, and along a 13-kilometre (eight-mile) steel fence around the site in anticipation of the arrival of 67 world leaders for crisis talks on Russia's role in the war in Ukraine.

US President Barack Obama is attending the meeting of the military alliance and security is tight, not least because Britain last week raised its terrorism threat level.

Overall, about 20 kilometres of security fencing has been erected around key venues in Newport and Cardiff, patrolled by squads of police on motorbikes as well as helicopters flying overhead. Police officers also fanned across the hotel's golf course, where hosted the 2010 Ryder Cup.

In a symbolic show of military strength, six warships will be anchored during the summit in Cardiff Bay, from Britain, France, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Norway.

And now we know why Obama is suddenly such an engaged, world-class diplomat.


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