Selfie Sticks And The Cone Of Silence----Some Trenchant Commentaries


The Death of Conversation


One of our e-mail correspondents sent us the cartoons depicted below, a humorous look on a subject public awareness of which has grown quite a bit in recent years. Modern electronic communication is great, and it is amazing that the market economy has made advanced devices such as smart phones accessible to the masses, but sometimes one cannot shake the impression that people have become enslaved by all the gadgets that have become indispensable accoutrements of modern-day existence. In fact, you will learn below who’s really in charge…:)

We do sometimes wonder how people would react if the power were to go out one day …


image001Important fairy tale questions have to be rephrased …

Cartoon by Stahler



image002Lonely soccer player …

Cartoon by Hudo

image003Finding one’s way around town…

Cartoon by Liam Walsh


image004Modern tanning imperfections …

Cartoon by Renn


image005Master and slave

Cartoon by Manu Cornet


image006Desperate countermeasures

Cartoon by Liam Walsh


image007Scenes of despair in the afterlife …

Cartoon by Dan Piraro


image008Romantic tweets

Cartoon by Chris Ware


image009Last wishes

Cartoon by NAF


And so it goes …


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