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Demonizing Iran: The Neocon Litany Of Exaggerations, Half-Truths, Innuendoes, Insinuations And Lies

Right after the announcement of the Accord, the opposition went to work. Two days after the announcement Bill Kristol, the Godfather and “little Lenin” of the necons, declared that the best way of defeating the efforts of the Obama administration is creating the conditions that would kill the nuclear accord, forcing the President not to sign any agreement.

Fed’s Full Normalization——It Will Pulverize The Casino

The inflection points in interest rates and money supplies driven by the advent of ZIRP and QE are just massive beyond belief. Short rates totally collapsed near zero, and the Fed’s balance sheet skyrocketed into the stratosphere. The most extreme monetary policies in US history aren’t going to normalize easily. And this process is going to cause great financial pain as stock and bond markets are forced to mean revert lower.

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