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Krugman’s Keynesian Crackpottery: Wasteful Spending Is Better Than Nothing!

Janet Yellen has essentially confirmed QE’s demise; good riddance. Unfortunately, I don’t think that is the final end of QE in America, just as it hasn’t been the end time after time in Japan (and perhaps now Europe treading down the same ill-received road). What’s interesting is really watching these central bankers talk themselves in [...]

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Washington’s Ridiculous Bluster: Russia’s White Truck Convoy Is Not An “Invasion”

……federalists of southeast Ukraine who oppose last February’s coup in Kiev – unloaded desperately needed provisions from some 280 Russian trucks in Luhansk, Ukraine. The West accused those trucks of “invading” Ukraine on Friday, but it was a record short invasion; after delivering their loads of humanitarian supplies, many of the trucks promptly returned to Russia….

Imperial Washington’s Gross Hypocrisy

Now the media are again parroting claims of “invasion,” after a convoy of Russian humanitarian aid – inspected multiple times, escorted by the Red Cross, held on the border for a week – finally crossed into Lugansk over Kiev’s objections. So, while Empire’s jihadist and Nazi “freedom fighter” clients carve a path of death and destruction wherever they go, Russia’s “invaders” bring food and water to the victims. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world today.

Uncle Sam’s Misbegotten Gifts: Military Toys for Your Local Police

But let’s face it. Military toys, constantly dangled before the police at law enforcement exhibits and fairs, are hard to resist. And with the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security giving out this stuff for free, why not get some hand-me-downs? Doraville and Keene are just two of thousands of cities and towns throughout the nation that have successfully applied for surplus equipment from a federal government agency.