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The Keynesian Yen Trashers Blather On—-But Japan’s Trade Accounts Are Still Deteriorating


The chatter that continues over Japan’s spiral into (further) economic impoverishment is simply astounding since it is taken as “expert” by the media. A credentialed economist will look at some numbers and simply take them as meaningful, especially if they are the “right” sign in the “right” direction. This is either wholly obtuse or intentionally…

The Barron’s Consensus Is 84% Bullish——Take Cover!

Even funnier is however the idea that rising interest rates won’t have any effect on the stock market bubble. This contradictory idea must be maintained in order to justify the combination of a positive view of the economy and stocks, and the notion that bond yields will definitely rise this time as a result of a tighter Fed (honest injun, this time it’ll all work out!).

China’s Malaise Is Born In The USA


First, the China Manufacturing “Flash” PMI had “markets” exhaling relief since an increase from 50.2 to 50.5 meant, Manufacturing Rebound Relieves Growth Concerns. A week later, however, that PMI increase disappeared as the final PMI for September came in at an even 50.2 instead – which altered the commentary from “rising” manufacturing to “thankfully” steady…

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Washington’s Feckless War On Russia Is Accelerating The Empire’s Decline

Second, it must be understood that at this point the American ruling elite is almost entirely senile. The older ones seem actually senile in the medical sense. Take Leon Panetta, the former Defense Secretary: he’s been out flogging his new book, and he is still blaming Syria’s Bashar al Assad for gassing his own people! By now everybody else knows that that was a false flag attack, carried out by some clueless Syrian rebels with Saudi help, to be used as an excuse for the US to bomb Syria—you know, the old “weapons of mass destruction” nonsense again……

The Endless Bush/Obama Gift To Iraq: Complete And Total Destruction

In Baghdad, a suicide bomber killed 15 people and wounded 33 more after he shot dead a guard, the imam, and a worshipper. Two police officers were wounded in a shootout between Interior Ministry police and an armed group in Karrada; the important kidnapping victim they were there to liberate escaped during the firefight. Thirteen militants were killed to the west of the city. A civilian was shot and killed in Bayaa…….

On The Life and Times of Murray Rothbard

Our topic is the life and times of the late Dr. Murray Rothbard. David Gordon was both his friend and associate and if you are a Rothbard fan, you’ll really enjoy this week’s show. We discuss Rothbard’s life from an insider’s perspective, touching on his experience founding the Cato Institute, his relationship with Mises and the areas where they disagreed…….